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In this site, we try to collect a collection of online and free tools.
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Best Online Tools

Build anything online with “all-in-one toolbox”. All tools are easy-to-use, blazing fast & free.

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a carefully curated collection of tools & resources for web creators

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Minify SVGs

Categories: SVG Images
Tags: svg minify
URL-encoder for SVG

We can use SVG in CSS via data URI, but without encoding it works only in Webkit based browsers. If encode SVG using encodeURIComponent() it will work everywhere.
SVG must have attribute xmlns like this: xmlns='http: //www.w3.org/2000/svg'. If it doesn't exist, it will be added automagically.
Encoded SVG can be used in background, in border-image or in mask (live demo).

Categories: SVG
Tags: svg encoder url
Hero Patterns

Find SVG background patterns for you to use on your web projects.

Categories: SVG
Tags: svg background patterns
Mozilla SSL Configuration Generator

Generates recommended TLS configurations for servers

Categories: System Administration Security
Tags: ssl configuration mozilla generator tls

Create and understand cron time fields
Source: https://crontab.guru/

Categories: Hosted by Wapps System Administration
Tags: cron crontab

i Hate Regex is a regex cheat sheet that also explains the commonly used expressions so that you understand it. Stop hating and start learning.

Categories: Regular Expressions
Tags: regex regular expressions

Learn, build, & test Regular Expressions

Categories: Regular Expressions
Tags: regular expressions regex

Test regular expressions in Ruby as you write them

Categories: Regular Expressions Ruby
Tags: regex regular expressions ruby test

Online regex tester, debugger with highlighting for PHP, PCRE, Python, Golang and JavaScript.
Source: https://regex101.com

Categories: Hosted by Wapps Regular Expressions
Tags: regex regular expressions
Google font to SVG path

Google font to SVG path

Categories: SVG
Tags: google font svg
Shape Divider

We created this free tool to make it easier for designers and developers to export a beautiful SVG shape divider for their latest project.

Categories: SVG
Tags: svg divider shape free
Pattern Generator

Use this tool to create unique, seamless, royalty-free patterns.

Categories: SVG Images
Tags: generator svg patterns free

Squircley is all you need to start creating beautiful organic shapes ready to use for logos, icons and background images.

Categories: SVG
Tags: svg shape icon logo background
Color Picker

jscolor is a web color picker component that aims to be super easy both for developers to install and for the end users to use.
Source: http://jscolor.com/

Categories: Hosted by Wapps Color
Tags: color picker

Lighten and darken colors easily.

Categories: Color
Tags: color