Smart Swatch Generator

Generate smart unique color palette without pain

Categories: Color Code
Tags: generator color palette
JSON Generator

Generate random JSON data based on a simple template

Categories: APIs Code JavaScript
Tags: generator json
Json Web Token ( Debugger

Debug, Validate Json Web tokens (jwt)

Categories: APIs Code
Tags: json token jwt validate
Pretty-Print JSON

Format JSON quickly

Categories: APIs Code JavaScript
Tags: json pretty
AST explorer

Explore the ASTs generated by various parsers

Categories: Code JavaScript
Tags: ast explorer
BA Rows To Columns

Transform rows to columns and viceversa

Categories: Code

Create and share beautiful images of your source code

Categories: Code
Explain Shell

Write down a command-line to see the help text that matches each argument

Categories: Code

Make your code look nicer

Categories: Code

Transform code into something else

Categories: Code
The Hero Generator

Hero Generator! Create a nice hero image for your site or app

Categories: Hosted by Wapps Code
Tags: hero generator